Concept-Star’s oder

Van Gogh was impressed by Japan, Picasso and Modigliani by Africa, Gauguin admired the island paradise Haiti, and the pinnacle of perfection Matisse became a Russian icon. The artist values both the ideals of beauty of classical painting and a new vision of beauty, open contemporary modern art of the twentieth century, such as the Picasso’s “Avignon girls” and his portraits of women of the late period in the same way.

The artist is sixty-two years old (he was born on 9th February 1952). He has been devoted to painting throughout his life. In his youth, he embellished the Socialist Realism. Then he began to paint miniature icons with watercolor.

By the middle of his life the artist had moved to modernism and started to create portraits, abstracts and landscapes. Nowadays the artist embraces expressive impressionism.

He decided not to be classically educated as artist. His knowledge is a consequence of visits to museums, communication with other artists and renovators. Only the latter provided him with the skills and secrets of the old masters. In his works, the artist uses most textbook – five-layer letter: 1). Lining; 2). Gasket; 3). The letter itself; 4). Glazing; 5). Lac. Over time, the annoying shine lacquer disappears and the picture evolves another mysterious sound. When talking about himself, the artist can say that he didn’t master how to paint on white canvas. He tried, but destroyed what he had composed. The painting remained painting; “Magic” happened. It sounds incredible, but this artist is not only talented in painting… Once he fell in love with a 6-string guitar and even finished musical school. He has 20 years of concert activity in his past – and that’s not all. The artist writes poems and has a thick book of them, but he never attempted to publish his poetic work, due to his laziness, as he openly admits and explains. Nowadays the artist is happy – he has his craft, his experience and his brushes… And what’s all what he needs to exist, what he stays alive for.

Why we introduce this artist

Whenever any major changes in human life occur, these changes are reflected in the art. It is impossible to talk about the new events using old words – it simply doesn’t work like that. However, a new look and a new language are not just a reflection of the change, but a continuation of them which aim to stimulate new change in our lives.

It has always been this way. But the 20th Century is particularly rich in shocks which rock the foundations of life and the foundations of art. Already at the beginning it seemed to many that the “shabby clothes are rotting and will fall off.”

It seemed that in art, sensitive to the new “the spirit is on the wane, and flesh dematerialized.” And in the new century, we surprisingly see that the “old clothes” still continue to be covered, and the flesh of art, though sometimes pretty thin, still remains sufficient material. And it pleases. And we understand that no matter how much we are talking about a new language, it must always bare the spirit of infinity and its endless wisdom.

A craving for a new harmony gives birth to a new language of art which continues to talk about the eternal values rather than momentary ones despite all attempts of mankind to kill this harmony which could have been observed throughout the last century.

That’s what I think when I look at the works of artist A. Ostrovsky – Alexandrov. For me these pictures are a source of new harmony which returns imperishable beauty to our world. The artist himself is not always aware of this need for harmony… But it is embedded in his works; it is maturing and gradually materializes; it seems, that his painting will be heard and then we will hear:

– Worn clothing is timeless clothes, and what we foolishly believe rotting, there is only one party radiance of imperishable beauty. Let us serve it to her, humbly hoping that the new art will be able to overcome everything and, above all, to overcome the death wish, by which our world is now obsessed. And exactly this harmony presents our new star’s order.